Realizations and Reaffirmations

So far throughout my life I have tried to follow a few hard and fast rules: 1) always make time for simple pleasures, 2) if I can help, I will help and 3) to actively pursue the things that interest me. Therefore, as my time with The Bravo Group comes to close, I must confess that my initial pursuit and acceptance of this internship was a completely selfish one. Not selfish though in the traditional “let’s pad the resume” kind of way but selfish because, from what I could gather, I believed it would help me continue to live up to my three rules listed above.

As I stated in my first post, Thank Goodness I Went to the Career Fair, I have a pretty deep interests in communications, politics and connecting with new people but was not exactly sure how to apply those interests in a meaningful way that wasn’t having random conversations with strangers at bus stops or passive aggressively live tweeting during sporting and political events. What Bravo has given me is not only professional experience but they have taught me a particular “language” in how to work and operate within the public relations and communications fields.

In the next few months I will be gearing up to move back down to Washington, D.C. where I look forward to continuing to work within the comm world while also reaching out to see where I can volunteer to help out my new community. I really cannot express enough how much I value the time I have been able to spend with not only Bravo but with their wonderful group of clients. Every interaction I have had has been with charismatic leaders and experts who have provided me with both stimulating conversation and knowledge into their respective fields. Now more than ever do I realize the importance of understanding or at least trying to understand all sides to a story.

I look forward to keeping up with Bravo’s comings and goings because it is rare to find an organization that not only promises to deliver the whole package but then actually has the resources and strategies to follow through. To close I just want to extend my gratitude to the whole Bravo team and wish them luck in all their future endeavors.

-Nick Furar, Pittsburgh Office


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