People Are My Spirit Animal

I think the family you are born into determines some of the characteristics that make up the kind of person you are. For me, my experience as an only child planted a love of people within me that has bloomed over the years.

Ever since I can remember, I was the girl in the class that was always in trouble or moved around for talking too much or yelling answers out when my hand wasn’t called. I am still unsure whether it was my lack of siblings or my constant adjacency to adult conversation that made me so animated and talkative.  A teacher once joked that I could probably make friends with a wall if I had no one else to talk to.

Regardless of how it festered, I have always had this weird love of people.

My love of people prompted me to jump into an assortment of activities. I’ve been a Girl Scout, track runner, softball and soccer player, singer in the choir, a member of my Church’s youth group and a student in art classes on Monday nights on the side. Because of my diverse involvement, I learned how to find common interests with all different types of people.

Choosing My Path

Before my first semester at Penn State, my advisor asked me what career path I wanted to take:  I said, “I don’t know yet.” She then asked me to tell her my interests. It was at that moment when I realized that my interests all have to do with people.

By the time I finished my sophomore year I needed to declare a major. I concluded that the things I excel in and truly care about were people. I feel a sense of satisfaction writing about people, giving speeches to people and learning about human interaction.

I chose public relations because I have a passion for doing something that will hopefully make a difference in people’s lives and because I love the art and writing that comes along with it.

After taking one introductory sociology course with an enthusiastic 65-year-old professor, I immediately fell in love with it and chose to minor in sociology.

Finally, I thought, a subject entirely based around people. The fact that someone somewhere was paying attention to people’s behaviors and patterns boggled my mind. Through the several sociology classes I have taken, I’ve strengthened my belief about the importance and role communication and public relations plays in our world.

Becoming An Intern

My passion for people, fascination with social issues and interest in public advocacy are what attracted me to Bravo Group and its culture to “Win Tough Fights.” People are the reason I chose public relations and learning from the people at Bravo this summer is what I am most excited about this internship.

This summer, I hope to gain knowledge and experience in the public relations field that will lead me to a future communications career after I graduate next spring. Until then, the next time someone asks me what I’m doing with my career, I’m going to say, “I’m currently figuring it out.”

Lauren Koppenhaver || Harrisburg Office

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