Thank Goodness I Went to the Career Fair

Hello from Pittsburgh! Nick Furar here and I am one of Bravo Group’s brand spanking new interns this spring. I am a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Communications and Corporate/Community Relations. I am a Western Pennsylvania native hailing from the rural area between Butler and Pittsburgh.

The first time I realized the true power of a well executed communications strategy was in 7th grade when I somehow got a hold of a copy of Christopher Buckley’s Thank You for Smoking and read it cover-to-cover. For those unfamiliar with Buckley’s novel it looks into the fictional life of the United States’ tobacco companies’ greatest lobbyist and his inability to lose an argument. It was this book that kicked off my interests in politics, communications and the importance of connecting with those around you.

Flash forward five years and what did I do, I moved to Washington D.C. to study finance and become a banker. I spent the next four years after high school in D.C.; three of those years were spent pretending I liked banking and the fourth I dropped it all and started back at square one. Since coming to my senses I was fortunate enough to find a full time intern position in the marketing department of the D.C. based archaeology magazine, The Biblical Archaeology Review, while also volunteering my time working with Chris Wayne & Associates, an event communications firm. Yet, after a year of this I knew it was time for me to come back home and reap the sweet sweet benefits of in-state college tuition.

Moving back to Pittsburgh has been another great adventure. Before this spring I was interning for Pittsburgh’s only peace and social justice nonprofit The Thomas Merton Center and it was on a whim that I decided to go to Pitt’s Fall Career Fair. Like the title of this post says thank goodness I did because The Bravo Group is truly an amalgamation of my love for politics and communications and even after the interview I thought it was still too good to be true!

I, thankfully, am not all school and work though. When I have free time you can find me going to concerts, taking full advantage of Pittsburgh’s growing food scene and reading/writing for my own personal pleasure and sanity.

-Nick Furar


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