Thank you, Bravo

Since when is it the end of the semester?

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that three and a half months have passed since spring intern orientation. Looking around the Wayne office, I try to remember my first days when everything was new and I, naturally, felt a nervous excitement to take on an unfamiliar set of professional responsibilities.

I’m grateful to have felt comfortable interning at Bravo Group early on. Taking time to outline tailored goals assured me I would receive projects meaningful to my interests and purposeful to the greater work done by the firm. Everyone’s welcoming attitude and willingness to provide guidance in gaining insight to public relations certainly played the major role in my ability to ease into the intern position as well.

I’ve gained knowledge not only researching for client strategies and learning the meanings and implications of social media analytics, but also interacting with clients face to face at events and during an average workday. Having the opportunity to witness how Bravo builds relationships instilled a deeper importance of the work it does, especially in the education and health care sectors.

The time taken by members of the Bravo team to chat with me about developing my professional experience and their career paths was invaluable. Their perspectives on different aspects of public relations, how they navigated their entry-level positions and their personal interests are thoughts I will keep in mind as I pursue my career.

I owe great thanks to everyone involved in making my internship a memorable learning experience. I am confident that my exposure to how a successful, hardworking public relations team functions has provided me a solid platform from which I can continue to develop a career in communications.

Thank you again, Bravo. I leave feeling assured and ready for whatever my next professional step will be.


Elizabeth Krotulis, Wayne PR/Communications Intern

Image credit: Shutterstock



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