I’m Not a Fan of Goodbyes

As this summer and my internship are coming to a close, I am filled with mixed feelings. I am excited to go back to school and enter my senior year at Penn State, but I am sad to be leaving my internship and the people I’ve gotten to know and love at Bravo Group. This… Read More I’m Not a Fan of Goodbyes


The Value of Public Relations: How is it Measured?

In the past, public relations professionals were limited to measuring the effectiveness and value of their work by counting news clippings, looking at competitors, counting the number of attendees at events and receiving client feedback. As PR and marketing for businesses have made their way to the digital world, new and improved ways of measuring… Read More The Value of Public Relations: How is it Measured?

Thank Goodness I Went to the Career Fair

Hello from Pittsburgh! Nick Furar here and I am one of Bravo Group’s brand spanking new interns this spring. I am a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Communications and Corporate/Community Relations. I am a Western Pennsylvania native hailing from the rural area between Butler and Pittsburgh. The first time I realized the true power… Read More Thank Goodness I Went to the Career Fair

Relating To The Media

Building relationships with reporters, understanding how they operate, and knowing what they want are the keys to successful media relations. At Bravo, we are experts when it comes to building strong, long-lasting relationships with our media contacts. Jeanette Krebs, Bravo’s Managing Director of Communications, works with clients to develop relevant messages, garner positive editorial coverage… Read More Relating To The Media

How To Reach Your Audience: Omega Group 101

Delivering strategies that ensure a successful PR campaign is a specialty here at Bravo. With the expertise of Omega Group, Bravo’s strategic research arm, we are able to deliver unique qualitative and quantitative research services to all of our clients.   Through Omega Group, Bravo has helped clients discover meaningful insights about their audiences. With… Read More How To Reach Your Audience: Omega Group 101