Embracing Creativity and Collaboration: Copywriting at Bravo

Writing is an activity I have always found enjoyable and a skill I have invested time developing for professional use. In an effort to narrow steady career options that involve heavy amounts of writing, I got in touch with Bravo Group copywriter Drew Lawrence to get an experienced take on what the position entails. His advice to those entering the workforce as a copywriter: Learn how to use creative methods other than writing to get a message across to an audience.

“Expand your boundaries,” he says. “Learn as much as you can, even if it doesn’t seem relevant to the work you want to do.”

Though copywriting involves writing, its objective — storytelling — moves beyond words. Video content for use online, for example, has become an optimal medium to attract people’s attention and share a message or portray facts. Thus, heading into a position with basic knowledge of how to shoot and edit a video has great value.

“Learning video gets very technical very quick,” Drew says. “The learning curve is steep, which can be a challenge.”

Websites such as Skillshare, an online learning community where anyone can take a class to learn the skills of tomorrow, and YouTube tutorials are helpful resources when in need of quick guidance. As handy as these technological conveniences prove to be, Bravo Group’s work environment provides face-to-face collaboration a copywriter can use for support, idea generation and content creation.

“I see it as a partnership between the studio, the graphic designers, the writers,” Drew says. “Everyone pitches stuff against the wall for a great idea.”

No additional amount of work falls on one person at Bravo. This can be attributed to our mission to connect, communicate and collaborate consistently. Virtual means are essential to fulfilling that goal. Though Bravo’s offices are spread across the state, the distance is no obstacle to joining forces.

To all aspiring copywriters: Learn the versatility of creativity, be ready to collaborate and, of course, keep grammar and the technical aspects of your writing sharp.


Elizabeth Krotulis, Wayne PR/Communications Intern

Image credit: Shutterstock


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