Growing Pains? More Like Growing Gains

College is a time for budding curiosity, starting lifelong friendships and regretting every purchase you ever made in your youth because you now realize the $60 you spent on Hollister jeans could have helped pay your car insurance bill this month. As a senior, I’m choosing to view college as the mama bird pushing the fledgling out of the nest — I’m gearing up for the next step.

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, sharing playroom space with my five siblings. When I go home today, I share the same space with my now adult-age siblings; time is a crazy tale. I love to look and reflect on all that my siblings have taught me through their actions, words and love. A large part of who I am comes from those playroom moments when I learned to share, show respect and, when the moment called for it, stand my ground.

Adapting those playroom moments for classroom purposes, I’ve found my niche as a public relations major at Messiah College, where I have the ability to express creativity, work in team settings and use my voice. If there’s one thing college has taught me, it’s that you can’t learn everything in the classroom. Various experiences, such as holding a public relations internship at a small marketing and communications firm, have given me the chance to grow my skills, interests and knowledge of the public relations field.

Through my writing internship at Bravo Group’s Harrisburg office, I’m eager and excited to gain tangible, real-world applications of working with clients and colleagues on a larger scale, composed of a more vigorous workflow. I look forward to walking away with a portfolio of work from many areas of research and writing, as well as experience from projects, tasks, team meetings and office banter.

I look forward to continuing the trend of experiential learning. By the end of these next few months, I anticipate saying, “This fledgling is ready to leave the nest!”

Bree Whitelock | Harrisburg Writing Intern

Image: Shutterstock


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