Is That What You Want To Do Forever?

You open the email and one of the lines reads similar to the following: “congratulations, we’ve decided to offer you the internship at our office.” You’re absolutely elated and the first thing you do is call your mom and dad to share the good news. Of course your parents share in your excitement, but at the end of the conversation, they ask, “Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

Your answer might be no, but that’s not necessarily reason enough to not accept the position. The thing about internships is they’re meant to help you find your career path, but they’re also meant to help you discover the things you don’t like to do – and if that’s the case, lucky for you they’re also finite. So go ahead and accept the position, you might love it or hate it, but either way it might also open some doors for you in the future.

I experienced the latter scenario a few summers ago. I accepted an internship position with a company in the financial services industry that a Villanova alum helped procure for me. I had absolutely no background in finance and was sure that most of the topics were way over my head, but I took the position figuring that no matter what, it would be a good learning experience and certainly a good way to make some connections in the DC metro area.

Fast forward to the present: I’m a second semester senior on the hunt for a job with graduation fast approaching. I just landed an interview at one of the top PR firms in the country because I had experience in the finance sector of public relations. It certainly isn’t an automatic in for the position, but everyone I spoke with at the company was very interested in my candidacy due to that experience. That internship was back in 2013. Three years later, it’s helping me in ways I could never have imagined.

~ Melanie Preve, Wayne Office

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