Sayonara Central Pa

I was born and raised in the tri-county region of Central Pennsylvania and have never left for longer than a week’s vacation at a time. I grew up in Lancaster, went to school in Lebanon, and have spent the majority of my senior year spring semester interning in Harrisburg with Bravo Group.

That’s all about to change however.

Exactly three days ago, I accepted a job offer in Richmond, Virginia. While I’m excited to be getting out of the small town, home grown area I’ve spent the past 21 years dreaming of leaving – I can’t help but have mixed emotions towards the thought of actually saying goodbye.

When I applied to and accepted the creative design internship at Bravo, I was excited for the opportunity to gain experience in an agency setting. I’m incredibly grateful for the time I’ve had here – the chance to work alongside some amazing people, on some great projects, for some great clients. And I’m incredibly excited to be moving on. Just as I am excited to be moving on from the only place I have ever really known, even if my departure will be a bittersweet one.

I’m heading down south to start my career as a UX/Front-End Developer. Four years ago, I sat in my first college class and learned about these things called Human Centered Design and User Experience, and learned how to build the framework of a basic HTML webpage. In these past four years, this field has exploded. Ever changing, I can’t wait to see where it, and my life, takes me.

Despite my complaints over the years, I’ll honestly miss the rolling hills, the horse and buggies and the ever present odor of manure that clings to the air. I’ll miss living in a world that is the perfect intersection of old-fashioned meets new modernity.

But while I may be leaving this place for a trendy city full of new people, new places and new discoveries, in addition to all I’ve learned at Lebanon Valley College and at Bravo Group I’ll be taking with me my love of red velvet whoopie pies, my quirky PA Dutch infused English and the only acceptable way to make chicken pot pie – Lancaster County style.

Central Pa, you’ll always be home.


Harrisburg Intern – Molly Gertenbach


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