Go Together

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African proverb

One of the most used buzzwords in the professional world is “communication.” Communication implies togetherness. At Bravo there is certainly a sense of togetherness, as all the pieces of public relations, creative, and government relations work as parts of a whole in order to go far and win tough fights.

My name is Megan and I am the creative intern at Bravo Group this fall. I currently attend Messiah College and will be graduating in three short months with a BA degree in Digital Media. I’ve spent the last three years studying film, editing, print design, web design, programming, and photography — essentially all things media related.


While at school, I work as the design manager for our student publication, The Swinging Bridge Magazine. I also spent my sophomore and junior year as a resident assistant for first year students, and although it was crazy and unpredictable, I would not trade those experiences for the world.

Before I began my internship at Bravo Group I completed my second summer internship with Turkey Hill Dairy as a graphic designer. I left that internship with great relationships, new skills and evidence of contribution to the company, three signs of a successful internship from my perspective.

Going from an in-house graphic designer for a dairy company in Lancaster County to a designer at a PR agency in Harrisburg has its distinct differences. Nevertheless, both companies are composed of people working together to meet a larger goal, to go far together.


I not only enjoy professional teamwork, but recreational as well. This past spring I went far as I traveled 35 miles over the course of a week in the North Carolina woods, with a backpack and 14 other students. I guarantee my likelihood of survival would have dramatically decreased if it were not for the others as we literally carried each others weight in food and supplies.

My “me” time typically consists of some work on personal design projects, enjoying the afternoon breeze in my hammock with a good book, or spending some quality time with friends, while ranting about the most recent design horror I have seen.

Although most designing appears to be a solitary endeavor, it is a part of a much larger initiative here at Bravo Group as we go far together and win tough fights.

Meg Dobinson | Harrisburg

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