Hola from Costa Rica

Yes, I am academically competitive. And yes, I thoroughly enjoy tackling new challenges, thinking creatively, and ultimately, fighting for the win. So am I excited to begin interning at Bravo Group? Oh, undoubtedly!

Hi, my name is Amanda Bieler, and I am pleased to join the Bravo Group team as a PR/Communications intern for the spring! Due to the location of Messiah College, the school that I attend, I will work at the Harrisburg office for the duration of spring semester. Although the words in my opening statement do not explicitly convey my excitement, it should be known that I am eagerly anticipating my first week of work in February! If I am so enthralled to begin this adventure of interning at Bravo Group, then why delay the process until February? Well, as the new year begins and with graduation in sight, my rather spontaneous, curious, and intrepid personality desires exploration and cultural change, so I am currently in Costa Rica! I have escaped Pennsylvania’s drab, wintry weather as I earn school credit in the tropical country of Costa Rica (this statement is not intended to create jealousy).

Although the trip is largely educational, both culturally and academically, I am participating in various social activities like canopy tours (e.g. ziplining), visitations with government officials, and homestays with Tican families. Additionally, I plan to visit coffee plantations, outside markets, beaches, and hot springs, among other sites. Ultimately, these three weeks will place me outside of my comfort zone, but simultaneously, they will stretch my knowledge and widen my perspective about Latin American culture. Needless to say, there is much to look forward to during the Costa Rican trip and upon my return as I begin my journey at Bravo Group.

Until then, hasta luego!

Amanda Bieler


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