We Work For Health: Working For Hope

Imagine a world with no Cancer, no Alzheimer’s Disease, no Cystic Fibrosis or Parkinson’s.
Thanks to the dedicated pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers of PhRMA, we are getting closer to better treatments and even cures for these serious diseases. PhRMA, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, is a trade group representing the leading pharmaceutical research and biopharmaceutical companies in the United States. PhRMA advocates for public policy that supports research, development, and discovery of new medicines for patients by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Washington D.C., the states and around the world.
The biopharmaceutical industry in the United States is the global leader in medical innovation though many people are unfamiliar with the industry and the benefits it has on society and quality of life. We Work For Health (WWFH) is a program that is trying t
o change that. While PhRMA works to advocate for policy, its partner WWFH works to connect pharmaceutical employees and industry vendors to academic and research institutions and community partners. WWFH aims to increase economic development in the industry, lead in research, invest in communities, patients, employees, and business partners, as well as promote access to products and services for everyone. WWFH has presence in 14 states, and Bravo represents WWFH Pennsylvania.
WWFH Pennsylvania includes a network of over 50 life science companies, business and labor groups, and patient organizations working together to promote the biopharmaceutical and life science industry in the state. The economic impact of the biopharmaceutical industry in Pennsylvania is astounding, not only does the industry directly employ hundreds of thousands across the country, but it also supports another two million jobs outside the biopharmaceutical sector. According to WWFH data from 2013, 18 Pennsylvania biopharmaceutical research companies alone had 11,543 total vendor relationships with companies in the state. These vendors, large and small, provide services and supplies to the research companies. Total vendor spending in 2013 in Pennsylvania added up to a whopping $8.74 billion. Senator Pat Toomey said it best at the PA We Work For Health Conference in 2014: “”I am the life sciences champion in the US Senate, because no one does it better than Pennsylvania.”
By incorporating research, policy advocacy, community and patient outreach, business relationships and education, PhRMA and WWFH are working to support pharmaceutical innovation in the United States. They are committed to finding the cures that will change the future, extend and improve the lives of people everywhere, and provide patients with an invaluable feeling: hope.
Patricia Scott
Bravo-Pittsburgh, Intern

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