Bravo’s Campaign-Style Approach

Good things tend to come in threes – the Three Musketeers, the Three Stooges, Hanson.  There’s just something about three that seems to work.  In terms of collaboration, teams of three can accomplish much more, without inviting too many cooks into the kitchen.  Bravo Group may not be a 90’s one-hit wonder, but it has had it’s fair share of success with the number three.
Bravo Group’s campaign-style approach emphasizes collaboration within the company, relying on colleagues with varying skills in all three offices to help clients meet their goals. That includes everything from media relations to outreach to target audiences, such as stakeholders, unions, universities, etc.  Covering such a broad range of services might seem daunting, but Bravo’s advantage lies in it’s multi-faceted strategies, made possible only by the company’s ability to work as a cohesive unit.

csa-infographic-2 (2)

For example, executing a well-thought out campaign for Sunoco Logistics has involved a coordinated effort between all three offices.  Whether it’s members of the digital strategies team helping to educate, motivate and mobilize via social channels like Twitter or Youtube, or members of the Omega team providing invaluable audience insights through innovative and in-depth research techniques, those who had previously never worked on the Sunoco project are rolling up their sleeves and pitching in.
In Harrisburg, our creative, publishing, and government relations teams offer key support to the rest of the company.  The creative and publishing teams have organized letters to the editor, conducted media monitoring, designed and written much of the information that is available to stakeholders, and even launched websites to educate the public of a given topic.
State-wide campaigns like Sunoco aren’t uncommon for Bravo, and neither is a win.  When the American Cancer Society approached the company about eliminating indoor smoking, Bravo had to rely upon it’s state-wide stretch of locations to help pass the legislation.  Through a joint effort in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, Bravo Group succeeded.  Philadelphia City Council passed a clean air ordinance, with state legislation following soon after.
Winning tough fights isn’t easy.  It requires critical thinking, positive action and effective communication between all three offices.  That’s what separates Bravo from the rest.
– Sean West
Bravo Group, Wayne Intern

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