A Bravo Guide To Mass Communication


“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”-Anthony Robbins

Many of Bravo’s clients need to engage with their audiences while getting their message across in a relatively short period of time. That is where FLS Connect comes in. FLS Connect specializes in creating cost-effective, customized voter contact programs. The company also helps mass communicate a specific message to a targeted audience whether its for a political candidate, non-profit or a health organization.

One example of an effective tool FLS Connect has put in place is called, “Townhall Connect,” which allows a tailored message to be sent out to thousands of participants simultaneously. The audiences are reached by phone with three different messages for varying situations. One tailored message can play for someone who does not pick up, another for someone who picks up and stays on the line and a completely different message for someone who picks up and then ends the call. Each message is specific to the organization’s goal with its unique audience in mind. The Townhall Connect tool is extremely helpful when trying to relay a time-sensitive message to a large group of people without being in the same room.


Using a strictly phone-call based medium has its limitations in the ever-changing information era of 2014. FLS Connect adapts by targeting home and cell phone numbers, depending on the age of the targeted audience. Based on research, younger audiences tend to use only cell phones, completely eliminating use of the home phone,while older generations tend to keep and use their home phones. Doing research and having access to information like this is crucial when targeting a specific audience successfully.


Knowing your audience is the first step. Tailoring a well-crafted message is next. Then, disseminating that message properly is key to successfully communicating to your audience. FLS Connect and Bravo have mastered these steps and continue to do so with each of their clients.

No matter what type of phone or medium people are using, with the right tools, a good message will always reach its audience.



Andrea Fetchko  |  BRAVOGROUP  |  Harrisburg

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