How To Reach Your Audience: Omega Group 101


Delivering strategies that ensure a successful PR campaign is a specialty here at Bravo. With the expertise of Omega Group, Bravo’s strategic research arm, we are able to deliver unique qualitative and quantitative research services to all of our clients.


Through Omega Group, Bravo has helped clients discover meaningful insights about their audiences. With that information Bravo is able to implement strategies and tactics to ensure a successful campaign.


Crafting a successful PR campaign has many steps.  Anna Idler, Omega Group’s research specialist, considers identifying your target audience the essential first step in the development of every successful campaign, PR or otherwise.


It is during the research process where we determine who the audience is for the client we’re working with. Research pinpoints who we are talking to and what it is we want them to do. With research, we can segment an audience into the specific groups we want to persuade, motivate, or influence to take action.

The challenge comes when clients want to pursue a campaign without having adequate information about their audience. When a client assumes something about their audience they are taking a major risk by potentially using messages that do not resonate with their audience.  Evan Grove, Omega’s research director,  suggests that companies are almost always better off making a small investment in research to help ensure your communications are on the right track.




When weighing the pros and cons of research with a client, we emphasize how a little bit of research can go a long way. Research provides new and valuable knowledge. It helps us to see and comprehend different perspectives and opinions from the consumers point of view. Once we have the results and statistics from our research we are able to consult with clients. From there, we brainstorm with the Bravo team on messaging recommendations. These recommendations will provide the client with the tools to successfully engage with consumers.

We have found that knowledge is power in the case of developing a successful campaign. Arm yourself well by conducting research and implementing the right tactics.


Andrea Fetchko | BRAVOGROUP | Harrisburg



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