Bravo’s Partner, Motion Audio Vision Production

At the end of a movie, audiences see a long list of names of people who helped produce the video. Motion Audio Vision Productions  owner Keith Goldstein discovered how to do all of those jobs within one workstation. “We take client’s visions and enhance them,” he said.


Goldstein and Motion Audio Vision Productions share Bravo Group’s commitment to client relationships and excellence in the quality of projects delivered to clients. Motion Audio Vision Productions has been partnering with Bravo for years  on various projects. They have recently worked with Commonwealth Connections Academy, Pennsylvania Steel Alliance, U-Gro, and Pennsylvania Hybrid Learning Initiative.

The team at Motion Audio Vision Productions is small, but their advanced software allows them to do more with less.

Early on in his career, Goldstein discovered Pro Tools, a digital audio workstation, which led him to be one of the first audio engineers to use this system. He later started working with  Apple’s Final Cut Pro,  a video editing software, which allows one person to perform all aspects of video production, including the audio aspect of a job, within one workstation.

Goldstein produced TV and radio spots for companies such as AT&T, Coke, Mastercard, GI Joe and Biography. He has directed celebrities, received an Emmy nomination and an award at the New York Film Festival.



In addition to his work with Bravo, Goldstein produces real estate and medical videos, and conducts news interviews for Fox Business News. He oversees all direction and production of the videos which includes the initial taping, video editing, voice over work, music composition and design the graphic elements that appear in the video.

Goldstein said that he enjoys working in this field because of the variety of his projects, and has the opportunity to create something out of nothing. The projects are similar to “a process of a puzzle,” he said. “I put something together, watch it, and it’s a mess, but then it slowly becomes something.”


Goldstein said that this industry is unpredictable. “A lot of people have five or 10 year goals,” he said. “That is impossible to do with this job because there is constantly new technology and methods of doing things.”

This industry is all about learning.  He advises aspiring audio engineers to find a mentor and learn as much as possible.



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