Digital Strategies and Bravo Victories: Noelle Lorine’s Input on Dynamic Social Media Engagement

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Sincere. Open. Collaborative. Interested. Authentic. Likable.
You cannot just ‘do’ social media.  Instead, it is by living out effective social behavior through thoughtful social media posting that allows a successful and targeted campaign to come alive.
After sitting down with Bravo Group’s Digital Strategist, Noelle Lorine, and talking about social media’s role at the 2014 BIO International Convention, it became quite clear how essential it is to incorporate everyday social principles into impactful social media connections.   As Lorine put it, you have two options when it comes to engaging with others at a major industry conference:
You could prepare a scheduled social media plan, covering the most anticipated topics that everyone will post about, or you can update the social media spread as you go, “feeling the pulse of a conference” and engaging authentically.
Noelle Lorine runs social media campaigns with the same ideology that first attracted her to this side of the business, “You need to be dynamic.  Social media is as exciting, as it is ever-changing.  That is why it is essential to assess and, when needed, revamp the way you choose to engage with others.”
Bravo was sure to bring a dynamic force of team members, along with Noelle, to the 2014 BIO International Convention in San Diego.  As successful as Bravo was in crafting social media that showcased infographics and data that promoted the Battelle Study, the team was also busy building excitement for next year’s conference to be hosted in Philadelphia.  Bravo was primarily focused on promoting Philadelphia as a huge hub for the life sciences industry during the conference.


Noelle shared with me her two favorite moments of the conference that encouraged her to look forward to the future of social media.  The first came from a session called “Social Media Session: Like, Share, and Tweet Your Way to Change” which was hosted by Amy O’Connor, Director of Digital Government Affairs at Eli Lilly Company.  O’Connor gave many insights on the changing state of social media, but the bit of advice that best stood out to Noelle was to “Use a cocktail party rule for social media engagement: listen, learn, discuss and shape.  Don’t be ‘that guy’ at the party who interrupts.”
Noelle declared her second favorite moment as a “personal victory” when Bravo’s own Topper Ray sent out his very first tweet.  This example goes to show that social media is valuable to engage in, all it takes is the first 140 characters.

Topper ray tweet 2

Looking over the past year, Noelle has reflected on other moments of success, as it was through her initiative that Bravo’s social media has truly grown in the ever-changing world of digital media.  With support from Bravo’s talented team of experts, Noelle led the strategic overhaul of Bravo’s digital presence in 2013.
At the end of our conversation, Noelle noted that social media session at BIO 2014 sparked a lot of ideas for the future of the industry’s social media footprint.  Since Lilly has successfully established a social media presence, despite strict FDA regulations and lots of red tape, it leads to the question: What else is to come for biotechnology and other industries once social media is an option?
With looking to the future, I will leave you right where Noelle left me: “The constant change of social media and the benefits it has provided for Bravo keeps me excited for what’s to come.”

Aly Bartolomei

Bravo Group,  Wayne Intern

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