Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council:Advancing the Chemical Industry in Pennsylvania

Chemistry is the fourth largest manufacturing industry in Pennsylvania providing nearly 41,000 direct jobs and 50,000 related jobs. This impact makes Pennsylvania the 10th largest chemistry producing state.
In order to help companies understand the value of this powerful industry, the Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council, or PCIC, is dedicated to helping advance the chemical industry in Pennsylvania.
PCIC is an advocacy organization comprised of 45 companies, including some international companies, with at least one facility in Pennsylvania. PCIC is run by representatives from member companies.
PCIC is one of Bravo Group’s largest, longstanding energy clients. The organization was established 30 years ago. Over the past decade, Bravo Group has assisted PCIC with advocacy, lobbying, communications, bookkeeping, and other administrative tasks.
PCIC strives to “make Pennsylvania an ideal home for chemical and related industries” by being a “voice of the chemical industry in the state’s public policy process.”
Jeff Peters has been the President of PCIC since 2011. After working for Sunoco for nearly 25 years in various positions including the director of public affairs, Jeff began working for Bravo Group. His former company, Sunoco, was instrumental in the formation of PCIC, and the company has been an active member since.
Jeff, who is also a senior advisor at Bravo Group in addition to his role as president of PCIC, will retire at the end of April.  Jeff said his favorite memory working with PCIC is how the community of people and companies who form PCIC recognize the importance of a chemical company presence in public affairs.
“Support from those folks is always nice to have surround you,” said Jeff. Jeff described the companies in PCIC as being “responsible, environmentally careful companies” and praised them for their contributions to the organization.
Upon his retirement in April, Jeff will be missed by Bravo and PCIC.  Sarah Battisti, Adam Pope, and Megan Earley from Bravo Group will help manage PCIC moving forward.
For a full list of member companies and visit
Alizah Thornton
Bravo-Harrisburg Intern

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