Client Spotlight: Pennsylvania Dental Association keeps Pennsylvanians smiling

We have all been told to “say cheese” many times in our lives by a person holding a camera telling us to smile so we can show off our pearly whites before taking a photo. Some people cringe at the thought of smiling, talking to others, or “cheesing” in a photo because they lack the means to be able to receive proper dental care and maintain good oral health.
Growing up I believed taking routine trips to the dentist was something everyone did. I did not know how costly dental health care services could be until I was faced the thought of potentially being kicked-off my parents’ dental plan and having to cover the cost of my dental services.
I never realized the number of individuals who do not have access to dental services because they do not have insurance and/or cannot afford it.
Organizations like the Pennsylvania Dental Association lend a hand in lowering the burden for those individuals.
Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA), one of Bravo Group’s healthcare clients, helps underserved Pennsylvanians receive the dental care they need. PDA is a volunteer organization consisting of more than 6,000 dentists; it is a constituency of the American Dental Association (ADA).
With a mission devoted to serving and improving the public’s health, promoting the art and science of dentistry, and representing the interest of its members and the member’s constituents, PDA has done more than its fair share to ensure the mission is fulfilled.
PDA members hosted the first-ever Mission of Mercy, or MOM, event in Philadelphia last May with Bravo Group assisting with media relations.
Community members receive dental services during Mission of Mercy event. Photo Credit (Bravo Group Twitter Feed @bravogroup)
Community members receive dental services during Mission of Mercy event. Photo Credit (Bravo Group Twitter Feed @bravogroup)
Nearly 200 volunteer dentists, hygienists, and community volunteers served 1,700 patients free-of-charge during the 2-day free dental clinic. Participants received a wide-array of services including simple cleaning procedures, root canals, tooth extractions, multiple fillings, dentures, bridges and more.
PDA also advocates for public oral health initiatives that help a community at large such as community water fluoridation. When communities allow fluoride in their water it serves as a basic preventative dental oral health service.
When PDA wanted to join forces with other dentists and oral health care professionals in Pennsylvania, it looked to Bravo Group for help.  
Bravo organized the PA Coalition for Oral Health (PCOH) and handles PCOH’s public relations outreach for the organization. This past January, Bravo hosted the coalition’s quarterly meeting at Bravo-Harrisburg.
PDA remains diligent in providing dental and oral health services and information to Pennsylvanians.
Alizah Thornton
Bravo-Harrisburg Intern

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