Alarming the Public About a Silent Killer

With most hazards, there is some kind of warning: a sight, a smell, a noise. These warnings help you to realize that there is danger. The most dangerous hazards are the ones we cannot detect with our senses. They come without any physical warning and can cause serious harm.
Most people are under the impression that hazards in a household are easy to detect: the smell of smoke from a fire, the smell of a gas leak, or the footsteps of an intruder. However, there is a danger that can come without any warning: carbon monoxide poisoning.
According to the U.S Fire Administration, carbon monoxide is a gas that you cannot see, taste, or smell. It is created when certain fossil fuels are not burned properly. Carbon monoxide gas can come from many different parts of the home: faulty furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, and cars left running in garages. Carbon monoxide is known as a “silent killer” because exposure to carbon monoxide can be fatal.  Most people who develop carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms are unaware of why they are feeling ill. Each year, it is estimated that carbon monoxide poisoning kills over 500 people and sends over 20,000 victims to the hospital.
This odorless gas in your home may sound terrifying. However, there is a simple way that you can protect those in your home: a carbon monoxide alarm. These alarms will sound off in the event of the exposure to carbon monoxide to get you and your loved ones safely out of harm’s way.
It’s a very simple and cost-effective way to keep your family safe, however many homes in Pennsylvania are without these life-saving alarms. To solve this problem, PA Safe Homes Coalition worked to establish legislation that would require apartments in multi-family dwellings to be equipped with a carbon monoxide alarm. The legislation also requires a seller of a home to disclose to the buyer if carbon monoxide alarms are installed in the dwelling. Bravo Group worked closely with the PA Safe Homes Coalition to pass this legislation.


“We were thrilled to see this important measure passed overwhelmingly by the General Assembly, and signed by the Governor,” said Brian Abela, a Bravo Group lobbyist who worked on the issue. “Carbon monoxide is a lethal substance and this new law will help protect people across Pennsylvania.”
A few weeks ago I wrote about how Bravo Group helped to pass clean air legislation in Pennsylvania. It is amazing to see how Bravo is able to play a part in such life-saving legislation. Thanks to the help of the PA Safe Homes Coalition and Bravo Group, people in Pennsylvania will no longer fall victim to a frightening and preventable hazard.
Wayne Intern

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