“Thank you, Mr. Chairman.”

Last week, I made my way down State Street for my first real visit to the state Capitol since middle school, but this trip wasn’t filled with historical facts about important men of the past or the building’s architecture and artwork. Bravo Group gave me the opportunity to sit in on a House Health Committee… Read More “Thank you, Mr. Chairman.”


Bravo Group Awarded for Communications Excellence

Bravo Group’s Pittsburgh office received four awards for its work in the communications industry at the 33rd Annual Golden Triangle Awards last Thursday evening, Sept. 27. Bravo Group was recognized for its demonstration of communication skills and its work in creative communications during the 2011 calendar year. It was the first time that Bravo received such… Read More Bravo Group Awarded for Communications Excellence


So, you hear the word intern, what do you think of? Maybe coffee runs, running errands, or even sharpening pencils (do people even sharpen pencils anymore). Well, my experience has been a little different. Hey! My name is Minette; I’m a 20-something year old graduate student. I recently obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public… Read More Hey!