Not Just Public Relations

Last summer, I interned in Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey’s office on Capitol Hill. I had a lot of eye-opening experiences as a legislative intern. Working with the senator’s legislative correspondent for energy, agriculture and the environment, I was fortunate to be assigned to such a significant set of issue areas for my home state. Although… Read More Not Just Public Relations


Our Actual Energy Needs

In working on infrastructure projects for two energy clients at Bravo Group, Williams and Sunoco Logistics, expanding the country’s energy portfolio and reaching energy independence are important pillars for these projects. With the national spotlight on the pipeline debate, it’s especially important that people understand what these projects mean for America’s infrastructure and in terms… Read More Our Actual Energy Needs

Breaking Down Barriers: Encouraging Women In STEM

Women only account for 19 percent of the workforce in the oil and gas industry, with more than half of that percentage working in administrative or support positions. While 61 percent of U.S. energy companies have no women on their boards, females are grossly underrepresented in STEM fields. In an effort to tackle this gender… Read More Breaking Down Barriers: Encouraging Women In STEM

Shale Insight 2014 Foresees U.S. Energy Independence

In 2012, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that the United States consumes more oil on a daily basis than any other country. At approximately 18.5 million barrels per day, the U.S. uses almost twice as much oil as China, the second-largest consumer. Forty percent of that oil was imported from other countries, making the… Read More Shale Insight 2014 Foresees U.S. Energy Independence