Staying in Touch with Design

The advent of the touch screens has revolutionized communication, education, business, design, productivity and accessibility over the years, and it continues to do so. Paired with other technologies such as the Internet and Bluetooth connections, the way we touch is continually changing; so too must the way we design for touch technology. A perfect example… Read More Staying in Touch with Design


The Power of Why

My entire life changed because of one small question. Flashback to my sophomore year: I was studying biomedical engineering and to be concise, I was pretty miserable. My coursework was becoming a drag and I was not looking forward to my professional future. I decided to take a few art classes to lighten my spirits… Read More The Power of Why

Six Intern Lessons You Can Learn From the Big Screen

Ever hear the phrase “learn from other people’s mistakes?” An internship is a learning experience. A place for you to make mistakes and learn from other’s expertise. Well what better way to learn than from watching it happen on the big screen? So here are my favorite career–focused films that you can learn a lesson… Read More Six Intern Lessons You Can Learn From the Big Screen