Talking Tone: How to Successfully Represent a Brand on Social Media

I was fortunate to pick the wonderful brain of one of the social media community managers at Bravo Group, Aly Bartolomei, for tips on how to represent a brand using social media.

As the public relations and communications intern, I have always been interested in social media and how to use this channel to represent organizations.

Aly has a lot of experience in this field, and her work varies depending on the client’s need and niche. Mainly, she focuses on performance metrics for social media. She uses these to direct content creation and promotion for the brand.

In talking about tone, she mentioned that it is critical to honor the mission and vision of the brand you are representing.

When you are tweeting for an organization or posting on Facebook, it is important to remember that it is not your personal account you are writing for. You need to learn and truly embody the identity of the brand in your content.

Aly stressed that tone is not just words but more of a thoughtful word choice on the image that the brand uses to symbolize its identity.

Brands have different audiences, so your first step should be to understand the community 一 find out who are the most engaged members. These are the people who make the group authentic.

This does not mean that you are neglecting other age groups or interests, but you are prioritizing your main audience. In the future, opportunities to connect with other segments could arise, but you should focus on thoughtfully developing messaging to people in your primary community.

Each brand has a unique voice, so if you want to properly represent a brand, you must know what it is (product) and whom it serves (stakeholders), and honor its identity, not yours.  

Shekinah Olagunju, Harrisburg Communications/PR Intern

Image Credit: Shutterstock


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