Mindfully Entering the Real World

In fall of my junior year at Saint Joseph’s University, I enrolled in my first communications studies course. I was required to maintain a weekly blog throughout the semester on any topic, which sounded like a fun writing assignment for an English major like myself. But when it came time to pick a blog subject, my mind went blank.

I paced my apartment the night before the blog proposal was due, grilling myself to figure out what I would enjoy researching and writing about for roughly four months. Then it came to me: mindful meditation.

I had casually tried meditating in the past and realized the practice’s positive effects, including calming anxious feelings. Now was my chance not only to learn the background and benefits of meditation but to make it a practice. I planned my beginner’s approach to meditation and learned each week how meditating changes brain activity, the history of the yoga mat and how to be mindful while eating, walking and traveling.

Three semesters later, a time during which I have improved my mindful meditation practices, I am a handful of classes from earning my degree. As a senior, that means I have to decide what I’m going to do after my time at SJU ends.

I have taken great advantage of what SJU has to offer. I am a tutor at the university’s writing center, I participated as a weekly service volunteer at a local church’s after-school program for elementary students and served as a copy editor for the student newspaper. I conducted a research project to study #climatechange on Twitter as part of the university’s Summer Scholars Program and spent the past year as an Office of University Communications intern. These campus-based experiences gave me great skills and knowledge. However, I will be leaving campus soon to enter the real world, a place I hear is not as fun and a bit frightening.

To get a head start transitioning to the real world, I went to my first career fair at SJU. I prepared myself by mindfully reflecting on my experiences academically and professionally to narrow my search and find a desirable career field. I confidently decided on the communications field for its structure that still leaves room for creativity. Bravo Group was one of the few tables explicitly advertising a PR/communications internship, so I spoke with the Wayne office’s intern at the time and, after more mindful deliberation, applied for the position days later.

Fast forward through the interview process, and here I am as a PR/communications intern at the Wayne office. I’m excited to build my experience in the field by writing professionally, understanding social media analytics and getting involved in client and media relations.

I’ve already started learning in my first week. I intend to remain mindful of my time here as an opportunity to get the most out of this introduction to the real world as possible, and, most important, enjoy getting involved in a career field I have a real desire to explore and experience.

I look forward to once again blogging mindfully.


Elizabeth Krotulis, Wayne PR/Communications Intern

Image Credit: Shutterstock


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