I Hate Goodbyes

I can’t bring myself to write this blog post. I’ve probably stared at this blank page for an hour trying to find the words. I hate goodbyes. I don’t like thinking that saying goodbye to people and places is a goodbye forever. I’m the type of person who tries to be optimistic about leaving people and places behind. I always think “one day I’ll be back” or “one day I’ll see them again.” Therefore, my goodbyes are more like “I’ll see you later,” instead of “goodbye forever.”

That’s why I’m not saying “Goodbye forever, Bravo Group” but “I’ll see you later, Bravo Group.” I hope one day I will be back to visit or I’ll cross paths with the people here again.

This internship experience was everything I ever asked for and more. I can’t bring myself to go on about anything sad or how much I will miss it here. I could make this whole blog post about how much I will miss it, but I want to remain positive.

So instead of going on about how much I will miss the environment and the people here, I’m going to highlight the amazing opportunities I had as an intern.

Things I’ve done at Bravo:

  • Wrote and pitched media advisories to newspapers and television stations, then geeked out when I called the newsrooms to follow up
  • Got a client coverage in a local newspaper and on Fox 43
  • Attended a news conference in the state Capitol, where Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale spoke about an audit. I also geeked out when I saw coverage on the news that evening and thought to myself, “I was there!”
  • Delivered fact sheets to House and Senate representatives throughout the Capitol
  • Got lost in the Capitol more than once
  • Marveled at the artwork and architecture in the Capitol so much that my neck hurt
  • Attended internal and external client meetings
  • Canvassed a small town to spread awareness about a referendum
  • Helped a client through a crisis by frequent media monitoring
  • Went location scouting to shoot a video for a client
  • Talked a lot about food and the Harrisburg restaurant scene (thanks, sixth floor!)
  • … and more …

Because I don’t know what else to write, I’m using this as a time to reflect on myself as a professional. The following are excerpts of blogs I’ve written for Bravo.

“I am an energetic go-getter who wants to get things accomplished as soon as possible — just like Bravo.”

Still true.

“Looking back, I never knew a shy girl like me would thrive in a fast-paced environment that values relationships and communication.”

Still true.

“Although I graduated from college six months ago, I still remember the hardships I went through with my Public Relations 4 team as we were creating, and essentially implementing, a campaign. Because of the capstone course I took in college, I can fully appreciate what Bravo Group is doing with Healthy Me PA.”

Still true. And Healthy Me PA and my Public Relations 4 team won Keystone Awards from the Central PA Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America for the hard work we did.

My life has been a roller coaster since I graduated from college, but Bravo has been my rock through it all. I wish I could stay. But at the same time I’m ready to get into the real world to start my first full-time, big-girl job in Lancaster. This Philly girl is staying in the area. See you later, Bravo.

Alexandra Blessing | Fall PR Bravo Group Intern, Harrisburg


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