From Classroom to Conference Room

And just like that we have reached the midpoint.

Within the first half of my internship at Bravo Group, I have gained much more than I had ever expected.

From recently graduating from college to starting my internship, I had no real agency experience. I was unsure what to expect, yet Bravo has exceeded all my expectations.

As I began studying public relations at Villanova University, I was more than excited to get involved in the industry. Yet learning about public relations in a classroom is a lot different than being integrated in a PR firm.

I didn’t realize the difference until I began working at Bravo Group.

Bravo Group works on various campaigns for clients such as The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania, Vertex Inc. and We Work For Health. Bravo understands and works hard with these clients to achieve their goals.

PR in a classroom consists of working with made-up clients, brainstorming ideas but not having to follow through with them and never having a relationship or interacting with clients.

You get an understanding of public relations but not the experience of working in the industry.

That’s not the case here.

Through this internship, I am exposed to many industries, including energy, health care and education. I am given hands-on projects that allow me to learn how a public relations firm works day in and day out.

A classroom cannot prepare you for the various clients you will work with and how different their needs will be. Within the first two months at Bravo, I have been given the opportunities to work with clients on projects that included creating social media content, collecting media clippings, assisting with events and media outreach. It’s experiences like these that allow you to jump in and get involved in things you might never have seen yourself doing.

Interning at Bravo has given me the skills, knowledge and experience to excel in the public relations industry, and it’s only been the first half. What more could you want from an internship?


Noelle Del Grippo, Wayne Office


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