Healthy Living in PA

Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed and found yourself 10 videos deep in the “how to make” food recipe videos? Or even watching crazy workout videos while you are lying in bed or on the couch doing absolutely nothing, thinking, “I’ll try that one day.” We’ve all been there

But today that changes.

No more lying around watching videos of food being made or people doing workouts. It’s time to get up and get active.

With the weather cooling, it’s the perfect time to go outside and get moving.

With the help and support of Bravo Group and The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania, Healthy Me PA is working to improve the health of all Pennsylvanians. Healthy Me PA is a community of people committed to better health in our state.

Healthy Me PA’s goals are to:

  1. Help Pennsylvanians take charge of their health care
  2. Promote healthy living and preventive care
  3. Educate patients about how to manage chronic illnesses

Healthy Me PA strives to make a better, healthier community for all to enjoy. And that starts with you.

So this fall, get outside and get moving with these easy activities from Healthy Me PA. All you need is 30 minutes.

  • Raking leaves
  • Hitting the trail
  • Picking pumpkins
  • Hunting in the woods
  • Walking with kids

Living a healthy life is not easy, but these five activities can kick-start you into a new, healthier life you never could have imagined for yourself.

And if you ever find yourself scrolling through Facebook videos again, check out Healthy Me PA’s page for fun, easy workouts, along with “how to make” healthy snacks.

Noelle Del Grippo, Wayne Office


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