“Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart…”

Getting out of the office early on a Friday is always a perk, especially when it involves supporting a worthy cause. I was happy to be one of the interns, employees and family members of Bravo Group’s Harrisburg office to participate in our day of service.

We spent the afternoon at the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank Harrisburg location. We caught the end of produce season and helped to pack hundreds of apples, tomatoes and green beans, which will contribute to the food bank’s yearly distribution of 40 million meals throughout 27 Pennsylvania counties.

While our time there helped fight hunger, it helped build our character as well, as acts of service tend to do. I noticed how everyone bonded, and we genuinely seemed to be having fun as the time quickly passed. We laughed together, we screamed (at an unexpected grasshopper) together and, most important, we were a part of something bigger than ourselves.

After this experience, I can attest to the integrity of the Bravo team. The company culture is one of support and respect. Working here means you are surrounded by people who take a genuine interest in each other’s lives.

Just as one bad apple spoils the whole bunch, one disgruntled co-worker can cause a toxic work environment for everyone else. The firm seems to understand this idiom, and perhaps this is why it makes the extra effort to allow employees to engage in positive activities such as volunteerism. It’s a win-win strategy — boosting job satisfaction and helping the community.

So after my first few weeks of getting into the routine of staff meetings, client work and hitting deadlines, I feel like I am starting to understand what makes the firm’s heart tick. It’s the people who keep it beating.

Giovanna Ortiz | Harrisburg


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