I Think, Therefore I Write, Therefore I Am

Oftentimes, my favorite stories are the ones about someone who defeats the odds and succeeds. This is why Bravo Group‘s motto stuck out to me. Win Tough Fights ™ is exactly what I want to do with my future.

As a student, I traveled to Haiti and Guatemala to serve in refugee camps and villages, and to learn about different cultures. My passion for travel and desire to advocate on behalf of displaced people were born out of this experience.  

As a prelaw student who is interested in international relations, I made an effort to learn a second language. Spending a semester in a Spanish program in Valladolid, Spain, broadened my horizons. I returned with a grander picture of the world’s connectedness. I felt inclined to share my experiences, so I became a study abroad peer adviser, Spanish tutor and resident assistant in the freshman halls.   

Also, I participated in philosophy seminars and began presenting at undergraduate research conferences. As a result, my classmates’ and my undergraduate work was published.

During the summer and fall of 2015, I interned at a nonprofit immigration and refugee program in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I continued to do a research project, motivated by my internship experience, which culminated in the oral defense of my thesis before Lebanon Valley College faculty, and I earned honors in politics.

I increasingly realized what a powerful tool writing is. It opens doors to opportunities to do what I love, which is engaging with other thinkers and challenging myself to push the limits of the status quo.  

When I learned my plan to be an English teaching assistant for the 2016-17 Fulbright in Turkey was no longer attainable (the program was suspended because of danger in the region), I  knew the opportunity for an internship at Bravo Group would help me make the most of my gap year before pursuing a law degree.

Despite how excited I had been to spend a year in Turkish territory,  I am eager to be a part of the talented professionals making up the Campaign Creation Group. Although I am not from a traditional major in this field, I think I offer valuable perspectives precisely because of my different background.  

Bravo Group has become a part of my story. I choose to be here because I believe my time here is going to prepare me for tough fights that lie ahead, whether in a coffee shop or a courtroom.

Giovanna Ortiz | Harrisburg




Image: Shutterstock


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