Confessions of a former shy girl in the world of communications

I am an energetic go-getter who wants to get things accomplished as soon as possible – just like Bravo Group. I knew I belonged here when I came in for my internship interview. The personality of the people, the company and the décor (I take great notice; at one point I wanted to be an interior designer) are exactly like me.
But growing up in “Philly,” aka lower Bucks County, I was the shy girl. Back then I never would have guessed I would end up in the communications field. I didn’t have many friends besides a few from early in my elementary and middle school years. I sat quietly in class, hesitated raising my hand to answer questions from teachers, if I did it at all, and preferred to sit in the middle or back row.
I was always a follower, not a leader. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself because I had a fear of being judged, and I wanted everyone to like me.
By the time senior year of high school rolled around I was tired of being the shy girl. I thought “I’m graduating soon, so what’s the difference? I’m not going to see a lot of these people ever again. I don’t care if they like me or not.”
I decided to change my ways by sitting in front of the classroom.  I spoke to teachers in class more often to state my thoughts and opinions. I also talked to peers that I didn’t associate with my “clique.” Because I communicated with more people, I discovered a new world of which I couldn’t get enough. When it was time for me to think about attending college and declaring a major, I was drawn to communications and public relations.
Fast forward to college. I attended Millersville University and majored in public relations and minored in psychology. I knew as soon as I arrived on campus that I wanted to make a name for myself and leave a mark on the university.

The Transformation

An opportunity came  at the end of my freshman year with Her Campus, a national online magazine for college women. I joined my school’s local chapter in the beginning of freshman year because I had an interest in  writing and was considering  a career in the magazine business. The chapter was kept afloat by myself and two other seniors. After they graduated, I had two options: take over Her Campus Millersville by myself with no experience or let the chapter die. I felt too passionate about Her Campus to let it go. I knew this was my chance to make my mark, so I decided to take charge. You can read my complete narrative here.
Three years later at the brink of college graduation, I realized that one decision in my freshman year of college fully influenced my personality and career.
I turned into a leader and successfully spent three years spearheading Her Campus Millersville as the president and editor-in-chief. The chapter is still alive and well today. I was also the publicity director for the Millersville chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America and the public relations chair for my school’s chapter of Phi Sigma Pi, a national gender inclusive honors fraternity.
My personality has changed drastically since high school. I’ve gained so many lifelong friends and colleagues that I couldn’t imagine a life without them. I’m also not afraid to speak up and state my opinion. I hate coffee. I also hate bacon. I love listening to Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson and I think a lot of music from the 80s is better than the music out today. Sorry, but I’m not afraid of  what others think of me.
I am so happy I chose to go into the communications field and ecstatic that I can fully start my career in public relations at Bravo, a company that vows to Win Tough Fights ™ and brings boundless energy and urgency to every campaign. Looking back, I never knew a shy girl like me would thrive in a fast-paced environment that values relationships and communication.
Former Shy Girl,
Alexandra Blessing | Fall PR Bravo Group Intern, Harrisburg
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