I’m Not a Fan of Goodbyes

As this summer and my internship are coming to a close, I am filled with mixed feelings. I am excited to go back to school and enter my senior year at Penn State, but I am sad to be leaving my internship and the people I’ve gotten to know and love at Bravo Group.

This “Farewell to Bravo” blog post has been the hardest to write. I feel as though I just said hello. Somehow, this summer feels like it has flown by, but it’s probably because I looked forward to getting to work every morning and enjoyed my internship every day. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

From my first day in May, I knew I was going to love my internship here. I was nervous to enter such a reputable and successful firm with little experience in the real world of public relations, but the welcoming faces and warm personalities of the people here made me feel right at home.

I will miss seeing Tammy’s friendly smile, talking to Rose about “The Bachelorette,” getting chats from Sarah and Sophia about meeting for lunch, saying good morning to Mike every day on my way in, envying Chris Conard’s shoes and hearing Jeff and Bill’s odd ringtones on the Campaign Creation Group floor.

I will miss getting to work with these people and getting to create content for the clients I have become so familiar with. I can’t thank the CCG team and the other professionals at the firm enough for all of the opportunities you have given me and all of the things you have taught me. I came in here feeling like I knew nothing, and I am leaving here with the sense that there isn’t anything that I can’t learn to do or understand.

Most of all, I want to thank Alizah. I feel lucky to have gotten to work closely with you this summer. As you took the time to edit all of my work and give me sound advice whenever I had questions, you taught me so much. From how to conduct research for social media posts to how to write a letter to the editor to how to understand the foreign language that is the energy industry to how to be a better listener. I hope that some of your talent and creativity has worn off on me. And I hope you know that I look up to you even though I think I am the taller one between the two of us.

I am a quote person, so here is one that I believe sums up my internship perfectly:

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

All of the people at Bravo Group, on the public relations and government relations sides, have taught me things I will never forget. But I believe the best part of what they taught me is how they did it. They involved me, included me and asked for my input. I was invited to meetings with clients, media relations calls, committee meetings at the Capitol and even video shoots. The people have given me experiences I will never forget because they took me in and treated me as one of their own — someone with sound ideas and competence who was not just an inexperienced intern.

I am sad to leave the best job I have ever had, but I will always remember what I have learned and the people who invested their time in teaching me.

Thank you, Bravo Group!

Lauren Koppenhaver || Harrisburg Office


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