The Industry for Industries

The goal of every business is to find a way to stand apart from competitors in its industry. The way companies do this is by developing their brand. They use a brand to differentiate a product, and over time it can become associated with a notion of credibility, quality or satisfaction in the consumer’s mind.

However, a brand alone is useless unless people know about it. That is the power of marketing and public relations. Our job is to make the world know about our client’s brand and what it represents.

To do this effectively, we must understand the industry in which our client exists. We must know how it operates and what has worked for competitors. This might seem like common knowledge to anyone who works in the public relations, marketing or advertising field. However, what I’ve learned in my past two months at Bravo Group is just how much goes into learning about and researching each of our client’s industries.

One of the things that initially appealed to me about this firm was the variety of clients it worked with. I wanted to intern at a company that would allow me to gain exposure to various industries and lines of work. What I didn’t have the foresight to see was that to work with various industries you must first learn about them. In my time here, I have learned about online public charter schools, the corporate tax industry, the biopharmaceutical industry, industrial water systems and other areas that I never thought I would be exposed to.

Not only have I learned about what types of clients exist in these industries, but I have learned about laws that affect them, what public officials believe in regard to certain industries and how they are generally views by the public. I’ve learned that each one of these elements is important to how we go about planning and executing our campaign.

Throughout my college career, I have been told repeatedly about how important summer internships are and how valuable a learning experience they can be. Although I anticipated gaining knowledge about public relations and communications this summer, I would not have predicted that I would learn so much about so many different areas.

What inspires me about this lesson is that I know that if I continue to work in PR I will always be learning about new and interesting industries. You never know who your next client will be and in which field you will soon become an expert.


Kate Foley | Philadelphia Office 



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