Design in Motion

Across all of our recent brainstorming sessions, the same thing seems to come up: Videos receive more engagement than any other type of content. This is so true — anytime I log in to Facebook, my feed is populated with mostly videos autoplaying as I scroll through, making watching effortless.

This works effectively. It grabs the user’s attention.

I find myself watching videos of things I’d never actually try to find (cats getting scared by cucumbers — who knew such small food plants were so surprising?)

While they receive more engagement, videos take a lot of time and money to shoot, produce and edit. The benefits definitely make the extra cost worth it, but sometimes that extra margin doesn’t fit within a client’s budget.

What if there were something between a video and a static graphic, something that could generate more engagement but not take as long or cost as much to create?

An idea came up during a brainstorming session about creating animated content in addition to our regular, static graphics and video content. I’m interested in what the engagement would be like for this type of content. Although animation also is time-consuming, it definitely would require less production time and still deliver high engagement.

I have wanted to learn flash animation for quite some time, but sometimes finding the time is hard. With Bravo Group, I’ve gotten the time and experience to feel proficient in the standard visual applications for creating content, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. From these skills, I’ve begun teaching myself flash animation.

As I have been working through the basics, I’ve realized that there are many new things to consider when designing for animation: movement, timing, frame speed, transitions, etc.

This type of content opens many possibilities for our clients. Headers or teasers for social posts, within e-newsletters, even animation added to infographics … the possibilities are endless. Animation would be a valuable asset to bring content to life and grab users’ attention.



Sarah Kostyal | Harrisburg Office


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