Managing Online Communities

In my last blog post, I wrote about marketing in the age of social media. With the emergence of the digital age, social media has become a vital part of any marketing or public relations campaign. Companies must have an online presence to build relationships with their customers and remain relevant in their fields.

At Bravo Group, we help corporations with this task. This includes creating, posting and managing content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +. It varies for each company, depending on which demographic it is trying to reach and how it wants its image to be portrayed. Over the past few weeks, I’ve begun to learn more about what it means to manage social media communities. I’ve worked closely with our social media community manager, Aly Bartolomei, and she has shown me part of what her job entails while giving me hands-on experience with social media communities. Here are key elements about social media management that I’ve taken away from my experience:

  1. Engage. A key part in managing social media is engaging with the digital community. Social media is a great tool because it allows consumers to interact directly with a corporation. Anyone can post a comment or question to Facebook, Twitter or another social media platform and hear back directly from the source. On our end, it means we must be looking out for these questions and comments and making sure we are inviting consumers to engagement is a vital part of social media management because it is how relationships are formed between consumers and businesses and it gives each side a chance to communicate.
  2. Monitor. Social media occurs in real time, which means people are constantly seeing, posting, retweeting, liking and commenting. You have to see what people are posting to engage with them on social media. It also gives insight into what people respond to. Are some posts getting a lot of attention? Did people respond negatively to this post? Hopefully it’s not the latter of those two scenarios, but to know for sure, monitoring social media is crucial.
  3. Grow. The fun and often challenging aspect of managing online communities is that they are constantly changing and growing. To keep up with the fast-paced expansion of the online community, we must be flexible and willing to grow. This includes connecting and building relationships with other organizations and constantly reaching new people with our content. Growing our online community is essential to making sure our clients have the social media presence they desire.


Kate Foley | Philadelphia Office 

Photo: Shutterstock 


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