Bravo Pittsburgh Does Summer

After months of overcast skies, 40-degree temperatures, a few terrible snowstorms and lots of rain, summer finally appears to be sticking around in Pittsburgh, at least for a little while. You cannot help but notice the sunshine and warm weather waiting for you after work through the large windows of the old cigar factory where our offices are located. I won’t deny itching for it to be Friday so I can enjoy this rare Pittsburgh weather.  
I sat down with some of my fellow employees to see what summer activities they look forward to after a week of work. Almost everyone agreed that Pittsburghers know how to take advantage of the sunshine.  Our city makes it easy to get outside and get in your daily exercise or wind down at a relaxing venue.
Managing Director Kelley Denny enjoys the time she has after work with her family, dogs included, even more during this time of year. She likes to take her two labs to the dog park and watch her daughter swim at the local pool for her team. Most recently, she and her daughters enjoyed time on Pittsburgh’s three rivers. “Venture Outdoors and Kayak Pittsburgh both make it easy to do fun things here without much planning,” she says.
Senior Account Executive Matt Crocco and his family recently brought home a new dog. Account executives Kate Ellison and Anne Merrick say family and warmer weather really mix. Anne spends her time after work watching her son at his afternoon sports practices. Kate recently returned from a few days in North Carolina, where her aunt and uncle have a house.
Senior Research Analyst Rami Bensasi likes to spend time traveling. “Summer months are my prime travel months because I have more free time since I’m not coaching soccer in the summer.”
Others shared their more unconventional ways of spending time. Freelancer Joe Massaro enjoys hiking and camping in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands, but you can also find him riding his skateboard in the South Side neighborhood where he lives. Senior Director Adam Pope has spent many of his days furnishing the house he just built, but he has found time to fit in a few concerts and rounds of golf. He’s looking forward to his upcoming vacation in the Cayman Islands.  
Whether it’s spending time with family or hitting the great outdoors, Bravo Pittsburgh employees know how to enjoy their days out of the office. Summer in Pittsburgh is certainly something to take advantage of. Before we know it, the cold weather will be returning.  
Gwen Poillucci, Pittsburgh



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