Staying in Touch with Design

The advent of the touch screens has revolutionized communication, education, business, design, productivity and accessibility over the years, and it continues to do so. Paired with other technologies such as the Internet and Bluetooth connections, the way we touch is continually changing; so too must the way we design for touch technology.

A perfect example of this is Snapchat, a trending social media application that was built around touch technology. If you’re like me, you can snap your friends funny situations, brag about your location with geofilters or even use the infamous face swap lens – it is both horrifying and amusing. You can send to a few specific friends, post a story for all your friends to see or even share it on other social media platforms.

Even Bravo is producing Snapchat advertisements for our clients. Having the opportunity to work on it has highlighted for me the possibilities as well as challenges presented with Snapchat marketing, which can be broken down into three categories – video ads, paid filters and sponsored lenses.

Video ads are more traditional in nature, but there are specific limits in the production process. The maximum length of the videos is 10 seconds and they can only be shot vertically. In today’s fast-paced environment, the faster you can deliver a brand message, the better. The short length of these ads mimic the length of a typical user’s video, so integrating them is more authentic.

Paid filters are static, time-or-location-based overlays for both photos or videos, while sponsored lenses provide real-time special effects and sounds to anyone’s photos or videos. These are a popular feature in the app, and allow the user to interact with the brand longer and even personally share the brand’s messaging.

When expanding to new platforms such as Snapchat, distracting content is not longer tolerated. How do you make an impact without being disruptive? This is a question that will guide the future of design.


Sarah Kostyal | Harrisburg Office


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