One Month Down, A Lifetime To Go

All of my best experiences have started with being scared. Unsurprisingly, I was scared when I began my internship with Bravo. I didn’t have any real agency experience and I didn’t know what to expect—maybe that’s why it was so scary. With a month behind me at Bravo, I honestly can say it is panning out to be one of the best. Who knew work could be so interesting and fun? There are so many enjoyable things about my internship, but here are the highlights of what makes it great to me.

The People
I get to work and collaborate alongside really cool people. Every person brings so much experience and knowledge to the table, which allows me to learn even more. It also helps to see all the roles across each position and how everyone works together. Plus, they are all super nice.

Everyday is Different
I don’t think I could ever get bored doing this job. Every day there is a new project to work on or something new to brainstorm for. It is really busy sometimes, but that is something I would prefer over being idle. However, the workload isn’t just fast-paced, it’s also engaging. The content I contribute on is real client work and on topics that interest me.

Creative Content Group
The Content Creation Group, or affectionately known as CCG, is located on the fourth floor of the Harrisburg office and is composed of writers, editors and designers. The dynamic of having all content creators together working in the same space is a great opportunity. It is an extraordinary environment to work in.  

My internship with Bravo Group is challenging me to become a better designer and a better professional. Working here at Bravo has only furthered my confidence that this is the right career for me.


Sarah Kostyal | Harrisburg Office


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