Teaming Up for More Wins

Bravo Group partners with many different organizations, one of which is Targeted Victory, a data-driven agency focusing on programmatic media buying across all screens. However, they offer much more through strategic advertising, targeting, online fundraising, email marketing and design development.

Targeted Victory and Bravo Group have similar ties in governmental and political fields, leading to similar styles of approaching campaigns. They serve as Bravo’s audience-specific media buying and technology resource.

In addition, Targeted Victory is constantly keeping on top of current trends in the digital, as well as the traditional media markets. They then use these channels to build their campaigns and meet client’s needs in an even more specific way.

If you ask anyone at Bravo who produces content, they’ll tell you how important data is to an advocacy campaign. Why? Because it’s important to know how a client’s content is performing. Targeted Victory creatively uses this data to build, engage and mobilize desired outcomes and focus on specific audiences with even more specific conversations.

They don’t just generate data, they make and find useful data.

How do they find this data? Through unique tools like online petitioning through sign ups, direct marketing pieces and patch through calls, emailing legislators, 1-800 patch through calls and advocate modeling.

Targeted Victory uses five levers to manipulate for optimum performance in any campaign. They aim to target the right people, increase brand awareness, creatively communicate a call to action, allocate spending within the media and enhance web properties.

When Bravo Group creates content for our clients,, Targeted Victory distributes it to audiences across any needed medium. By optimizing and targeting unique messages through all stages of a campaign, Bravo’s collaboration with Targeted Victory provides clients with more wins.


Sarah Kostyal | Harrisburg Office

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