My First 3 Weeks

My first experience with Bravo Group was at the Villanova Career Fair this past February. Before going to the career fair I knew that I was searching for a potential internship with a Public Relations firm. I was looking for a place where I would be exposed to a lot of different industries, gain experience in Public Relations, and also learn some things outside of the PR world as well. It was these reasons that Bravo Group caught my eye. With a focus on advocacy as well as ties to Government Relations, it became clear to me that Bravo Group was more than an average PR firm.

Between receiving my offer to intern at Bravo Group this summer and actually beginning to work, I had a lot of time to think about what my internship experience would be like this summer. As the time drew nearer I began to picture what it would be like when I started work at Bravo Group.


Although I was excited to begin work at BG, I was nervous because I wasn’t entirely sure what my responsibilities were going to be and how I would be able to tackle them. I was afraid that I would be given boring assignments or asked to do busy work that other people didn’t want to be bothered with. Although I’ve had other internships in the past, I could not help but fear that I would be put in a situation way out of my league that I could not handle.


By the end of my first day at Bravo Group, my worries had disappeared. Everyone I met in Harrisburg and Philadelphia was so welcoming and I knew that I would be able to go to anyone with any questions or concerns I might have. I also didn’t need to worry about being given boring or meaningless assignments because my first week I was able to meet with my intern coordinator and discuss what my goals are for this summer. It became clear that Bravo knows how to handle the internship process in a way that works best for the company and the interns. Although I’ve only been here for 3 weeks, I already feel like I’ve learned so much about various industries. I’ve been able to help develop social media content for industries ranging from healthcare, to education, to biopharmaceutical. I’ve also been able to sit in on meetings and phone calls and slowly learn how the PR process works outside of the classroom. Given that I have more than 2 months left in my time here at Bravo Group, I am confident that BG will continue to exceed my expectations and I will end my summer having learned and experienced more than I ever imagined.


Kate Foley | Philadelphia Office



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