From State College to Florence to Harrisburg

When entering college I had no idea what field I would fit into. I took a lot of introductory courses and nothing compared to my classes on communications and news writing. The summer after my freshman year I had an internship at the Pennsylvania state Capitol with state Sen. Rob Teplitz. Thanks to his amazing staff and the opportunities they gave me, I knew I also had an interest in government. While academically I’m focused on communications by majoring in print and digital journalism, I hope to continue to find links to government.

Entering the spring semester of my sophomore year, I was lucky to be chosen as a social media intern for the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Penn State. While interning there I updated a Twitter, Instagram and blog that were created to get potential new students excited about Penn State. Since that internship I have been able to pinpoint social media as something I enjoy and want to learn more about.

During the summer of 2015 I was able to further my social media and communications skills and also understand a new aspect of government. I interned at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, which also happens to be one of Bravo Group’s many clients. There I advanced my skills even further by creating content for the Turnpike’s social media campaign, Operation Orange Squeeze. An important aspect of the internship at the Turnpike Commission was to learn about all facets that contribute to the Turnpike’s communications and public relations department. Because of this, I was able to visit Bravo Group and to learn about how the firm “wins the tough fights.”

When I went back to school in the fall I was determined to find even more professional experiences. In doing so, I received an internship with the Creative Service and Brand Management Office in Penn State’s Athletic Department. With the Athletic Department I monitored social media during different Penn State sporting events. While that opportunity was really fun and gave me great experience, I realized athletics is not a field I can see myself in. But, it did show me that I really enjoy the fast-paced environment that involves social media and I would love to pursue that in the future.

During this past spring semester I changed up my routine and didn’t return to Penn State. Instead, I was fortune enough to study in Florence, Italy. I was surrounded by opportunities that were new and put me out of my comfort zone. While I was not working or in a professional environment at all in Italy, I gained experience through learning about foreign cultures and living on my own in another country I had never visited before. I believe the experiences I had while studying abroad have helped me to be more confident and more self-reliant in a work environment.

Before I went abroad, I searched for an internship for the summer that would be both an irreplaceable experience and an opportunity to further my communication skills. Thinking back to my summer at the Turnpike Commission, I recalled that I enjoyed working from a government agency’s perspective. I  wanted to see the communication and public relations industry from a firm’s perspective. I was immediately drawn to the idea of interning with Bravo Group.

Being able to intern with a highly regarded firm, such as Bravo, is a great opportunity. I am looking forward to working with the firm’s talented staff and to build relationships with clients if there is an opportunity. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds for me here at Bravo.

Sophia Fox || Harrisburg PR and Communications Intern

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