Love Does Make the Difference

I am not a hopeless romantic as the title may suggest.  I am simply quoting a book that allowed me to embark on the journey of finding comfort in my own aspirations, strengths, and withheld dreams.  In Bob Goff’s novel “Love Does”, he writes, “I used to want to fix people, but now I just want to be with them.”  For me, this statement could not be more correct. The book, which is one of my favorites, encourages individuals to live each day for every moment that it holds and to make each of these moments worthwhile.  Instead of living a life that does not push the bounds of your imagination, one should aspire to lead a life where every moment matters and no opportunity is left untended.
For a majority of my teenage life, I was raised with the expectation that one day I would make a difference.  My parents both worked in hospitals and were excited by the fact that I could be the next pharmacist or doctor.  Instead, today at the age of 21, I sit behind a desk in a small office in Pittsburgh.  I am not in a hospital or a pharmacy.  But, I am following my passion and making the difference that I am competent and excited about making.  For the longest time, I thought that fixing people would provide me with the greatest fulfillment.  Yet, I have never felt more whole just being with them: listening to their thoughts, discovering new ideas, and making their visions a reality, all the while continually being amazed.
My name is Gwen Poillucci and this fall I will be a senior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Marketing with certificates in Leadership and Public and Professional Writing.  As a Pittsburgh native, I was thrilled with the opportunity to attend Pitt for their prestigious Pharmacy program.  Now, as a member of the College of Business Administration, I could not be happier with my decision.  The switch has allowed me to gain leadership roles as a member of the executive board for the Pitt campus chapter of Women in Business, as well as exciting experiences interning for the University of Pittsburgh Athletics Department and Fitt.  Now, in my new role as PR and Communications Intern for The Bravo Group this summer, I aim to further expand upon the lessons I have learned in my college studies.
Through The Bravo Group internship, I not only wish to be with people, but to learn from them.  Public relations is something that I love.  From the moment I discovered the services that Bravo provides, I knew I had found my sweet spot.  Right between my passions for writing, communication, and government-related practices is where I belong.  
Gwen Poillucci, Pittsburgh

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