Why Businesses Should Always Give Back

There is a sharp contrast between for profit and not-for-profit establishments, and the difference is pretty self explanatory. However, just because a company is for-profit, doesn’t mean they lose the opportunity or the value in still giving back.


As an example, the Bravo Group is a firm believer in frequently spending company time for employees to volunteer. I got to recently spend an afternoon at the Central PA Food Bank with other Bravo Staffers sorting donations and packing boxes.


Here are three reasons why Bravo’s habit of corporate giving is important for them, and for other for-profit establishments.


1.Team bonding.

Giving back isn’t always just selfless. While the motives should be pure, spending the day out of the office is going to result in some company benefit as well. Taking a business day to go out and give back can strengthen an office community. It’s a new environment, and a new activity with a greater good purpose that everyone is working towards together.


2. Community involvement.

Most businesses rely, in some capacity, on the communities where they are located. By giving back to these communities their relationship to other organizations grows stronger, and they lend a helping hand to the community and people whom they rely on. Having a balance of give-and-take is important in any situation, and especially in that of corporate charity.


3. Helps Others.

Bottom line, corporate giving allows good work to be done. By the end of our shift at Central PA Food Bank we had packed over 200 boxes with non-perishable food items that were to be taken to senior citizens. That’s 200 more people who can be helped just because Bravo showed up to volunteer that day.



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