Tax Solutions, Soda and Coffee. More Related Than You’d Think.

If you’ve watched any regularly scheduled television programming since the start of the new year then you’ve most likely witnessed a commercial featuring an older man in a green bow-tie speaking the phrase, “Get your billions back, America!” (When you read that the voice in your head probably mimicked his voice too).

The problem is, most millennials, especially the younger portion of the generation that aren’t majoring in business, have no idea how to go about getting their billions back. We weren’t subject to home ec classes or anything of that likeness during our time in school so the idea of having to manage and file our own taxes in the very near future is daunting. The thought of having to manage taxes for an entire business or corporation and deal with tax rates, regulations, transfer pricing when selling products in other countries, etc., is nearly unfathomable.

That’s where Vertex makes its grand entrance. In the late 1980s Vertex began its commitment to Corporate Tax with the publication of its National Sales Tax manuals. Since then, the company’s services have evolved and they now offer a wide array of tax technology solutions, including Vertex Enterprise.

Vertex Enterprise is a tax management platform that combines all of the data, tax applications and analytics needed to manage income, transaction, and other critical tax activities. Every piece of technology that comes from Vertex is aimed at increasing the efficiency and impact of Corporate Tax departments. The company has formed alliances with numerous major accounting firms, including the Big Four, and professional services providers to enhance services for their clients. Most recently, in December, Vertex allied itself with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Thousands of companies rely on the services provided by Vertex, including many that we interact with on a daily basis such as Pepsi, Starbucks, Verizon Wireless and Honda.

Bravo Group works with Vertex to maintain their media presence. While the topic of taxes doesn’t wind up on too many conversational topics lists, their role is vital to the continued functionality of corporations. Just something to think about while you’re waiting in line for your venti iced caffe mocha at Starbucks.
~ Melanie Preve, Wayne Office


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