Intern Insights: Six Weeks Smarter

“Don’t forget that most of our education happens outside of the classroom.”

A teacher I once had often shared this piece of advice with my classmates and I. And, while it’s not a great motivator for studying, I’ve learned how much this saying is actually true because of my internship here at Bravo Group.

Life is the best teacher, so you’ll learn the most when you’re thrown into a new environment. In the beginning, it can feel challenging, even overwhelming at times, but those “learning on your feet” moments are practice for the real world where there’s no syllabus guiding you along.

As I think back on my last six week as a writing intern at Bravo, I’ve learned some valuable insights that I would like to share with future interns.

1. Stay curious and eager to learn

Bravo works with clients in many different industries around the state, from energy to education. As a result, I’ve found myself learning more than I could have ever imagined about the clients and industries we represent. I’ve even found myself looking forward to what I’ll discover every morning as I search for the latest news about medical technology. Embracing different interests will keep your mind sharp and, as a bonus, you’ll walk away with some new “fun facts” you can drop in any conversation.


 2. Remember there’s no time like the present

Managing your own time can be tricky, especially if you’re someone like me who is always trying to multi-task. Even though many of my projects have specific deadlines, I have been able to decide how to spend my time working on my assignments. I’ve learned how surprisingly fast work can pile up, how to avoid leaving things to the last minute whenever possible and why focusing on one task at a time is more productive than switching between several – no matter how counter-intuitive that might seem.

 3. Ask questions: we’re all in this together

There’s nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know” and asking for help, especially as an intern. The most important piece of advice I would give to a future intern is to be open to learning from the people around you. Everyone here at Bravo is passionate about what they do and has always been willing to sit down with me and answer any questions I have had. I have talked with Bravo employees about a project I needed help with, and I have spoken with them about their expertise within a certain industry.

 4. Always share your interests

Don’t forget to let your supervisor know what you’re interested in trying outside of your department, because chances are, they’ll help you find ways to get involved and connect you with people who can answer your  questions. Most of all, make the most of this internship experience  – from connecting with members of Bravo’s team to the never-ending coffee and soda supplies on the 5th floor. The 12 weeks will fly by before you  know it.

Rose Talbot, Harrisburg Office intern


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