“Go forth and set the world on fire.”

Any given day if you were to take a stroll around the campus of Saint Joseph’s University, commonly referred to as Hawk Hill, you can count on being witness to numerous messages. Whether it be hearing the roar of fans chanting THWND from Hagan Arena on game day, reading Cura Personalis in big bold red letters on the back of weekly service t-shirts, or watching flags embroidered with Magis fly high over City Ave. Every message driven by a unique sense of purpose embody what it means to be part of the SJU community. It is also in their meaning that over the course of the last (almost) 4 years, as clichey as it may sound, I have learned my purpose as a Hawk and leader.

thwndTHWND is not only the spirit of SJU basketball games, but the spirit of campus. The Hawk Will Never Die symbolizes each students’ bond to the University community. From alumni sporting bumper stickers giving a honk and wave when passing on the highway to befriending the famous Angie who will always serve you extra Hawk sauce with your wrap, the Hawk Hill community sincerely cares for one another. It is also the spirit that sparked my desire to sign up for as many clubs as possible at the activities fair, raise my hand in the classroom, and confidently walk up to The Bravo Group table at the career fair. A spirit to lead and encourage others to lead, not just follow.   

As THWND is the spirit of SJU, Cura Personalis: care for the whole person, is the heart. Engravapex allegheny2ed into the minds and values of all on Hawk Hill, is the importance of service in solidarity. Doing for the greater good is emphasized by students, professors and administrators alike. Service is more than a campus club or activity, it is what makes the community tick. Incorporating volunteer experiences into the classroom with Service-Learning courses and joining over 500 of my peers in APEX: a Spring Break immersion program serving with and for others of the Appalachian region, my passion for poverty alleviation, community development and social justice has flourished.

Now a senior pursuing a degree in Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Sustainability, I reflect on my academic experiences for challenging my understanding of what it means to be a leader and inspiring the belief to channel business for strategic decision-making in terms of ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It is through the LEO program that I am able to incorporate my passions with career ambitions and discover my SJU Magis, in other words, how I wish to live greater.

Having graduation begin to creep up in time, I continuously seek opportunities and experiences where I can apply my educational, service and work experiences to grow as a leader. I believe the opportunity to be part of The Bravo Group is the perfect opportunity to combine my goals of career and skill development with passion. The public relations and advocacy expertise of The Bravo Group aligning with the missions of sector based clients will be an invaluable experience to understand how corporations and causes holding leadership in the fields of energy & infrastructure, healthcare and life sciences incorporate the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. As a Public Relations and Communications Intern for the Wayne office, I am trying to absorb the work of The Bravo Group clients’ who truly live greater; like that of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization who lead the research and development of innovative biotechnology products to transform how we heal, fuel and feed the world. The culture of The Bravo Group is one I strive to be part of and learn from the immersion into a fast-paced agency environment that attests my work ethic.

Instilled with the THWND spirit, values of Cura Personalis and Magis determination, I aspire towards the Jesuit principle of St. Ignatius of Loyola to “Go forth and set the world on fire”. And throughout my experiences here at The Bravo Group I hope to spark some flames!

-Alanah Tormey, Wayne Office


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