The Industry That Never Sleeps

You’ll rarely find me at the movies. The prospect of sitting seemingly motionless in front of a screen for upwards of two hours without even the ability to check your phone or chew too loudly for fear of being the recipient of a condescending glare sounds far from appealing. The truth is, I can’t sit still for that long. The last movie I watched in entirety included several pauses so I could get up and move my legs (even if it was just to trek to the kitchen to see if the refrigerator contents had magically morphed into something more appetizing). So how does someone who can’t make it through a feature length film find success or enjoyment in a career that involves sitting behind a desk for eight hours each day?

You find an industry that moves faster than you. One where no two days are alike and your fingers and mind are working together at a pace that leaves you too busy and engulfed in a project to even think of hitting pause. There are few industries that move faster that public relations, while allowing one to incorporate their love for writing.

I’m excited to spend the semester as an intern at the Bravo Group where I believe the environment will provide a place for me to be challenged and to learn. I’m looking forward to utilizing all of the skills my professors have taught in the classroom in real time. At the agency I interned for previously, I worked exclusively with non-profit organizations so I am looking forward to the challenge of working with clients in sectors with which I am less familiar.

So, here I sit, at my desk behind a screen. But thoughts are racing through my mind and my fingers are working furiously to get them all written down before my brain moves on to something new, and I don’t feel the need to pause or take another trip to the water cooler. And maybe that’s because my legs are too exhausted from rowing practice this morning, or maybe it’s because I’ve figured out where I belong.

I am a senior at Villanova University, and my final semester has just gotten underway. I am a member of the women’s varsity rowing team and a gymnastics coach for a local club team. In my spare time I love to go for long runs and share a good laugh with my friends. Now, my friends and relatives want to know what my plans are for after graduation. I tell them that I still don’t know where I will land, and I’m okay with that. But as I begin my second internship at a public relations agency, I’m starting to be convinced it’s going to involve this industry.

– Melanie Preve, Wayne Office

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