From England to Thailand to Harrisburg, PA

When I was seven I wrote my first short story  – a two-page emotional drama about the hedgehog that lived in our backyard. From that point on, writing had me hooked. Unending stories played out in my mind and I read voraciously to learn new words that I could add to my budding vocabulary.
As I grew, so did my curiosity, which lead me to discover new interests and passions. After moving from my native country of England to Thailand at the age of eight, I fell in love with traveling and spent the next 10 years exploring Southeast Asia with my family. Once I left home to live in the U.S. for college, I continued to explore the world around me through long road trips across the country, from spring break in South Carolina to a freezing Thanksgiving in Michigan. Last summer, I traveled abroad once more when I backpacked through 10 countries in central Europe with a camera in one hand and, most days, a gelato in the other.
However, the majority of my time now is being spent in the classroom.
I am a senior at Messiah College studying journalism with minors in history and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Besides traveling, I’ve been busy teaching English to Spanish-speaking immigrants in Harrisburg, writing and editing articles for Messiah’s student-run magazine, The Swinging Bridge, following the BBC (like it’s my job), drinking tea and watching too many Hallmark movies.
While I enjoy all of these activities immensely, writing has always remained my first love.
I’m excited to develop my skills as a writer during the next several months as an intern at Bravo Group, where the fast-paced environment will no doubt challenge and inspire me. As an intrinsically curious person, I can’t wait to learn more about public relations and state government through this internship and continue to see how all of these interests will connect and intertwine in my future. While I’m not sure where I’ll be in six months after stepping off the stage at graduation, I know that the skills I’ve learned along the way – from college classes and reporting jobs to travel adventures and teaching mishaps – have all prepared me for whatever lies ahead. For now, I’m more than satisfied with a little mystery in the future.
Rose Talbot, Harrisburg Office

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