Making Time to Reflect

I’ve learned that with any good experience, or bad one for that matter, comes a critical time of reflection. Making a space to absorb and apply an experience gives it exponentially more meaning and the ability shape to your life. Take a break, stop consuming, and consider your experiences and how they have influenced you.

Since my first day at Bravo, I have completed a lengthy list of infographics, social media illustrations, powerpoint decks, and document formatting. Not only did I gain a better understanding for creative work which applies to our clients, but I learned about the work of our clients themselves. In order to create appropriate work for each of our clients, I gained an understanding of biosimilars, pipelines, childcare and nontraditional forms of education.

I also learned a bit about being an intern, and myself. Here are my little nuggets of wisdom:

  1. Tell your internship supervisor (or future manager)  what you are interested in. During a discussion with Jill Wolfe, my internship supervisor, I randomly mentioned web design as an interest. Once she knew that, she reached out to a partner company that works on our websites and set up a day for me to shadow. Read more about my experience at AndCulture.
  2. Agency work has its own pace. It isn’t necessarily fast pace all the time. It certainly isn’t slow either. Some days are going to be crazy and everyone will need something at the same time. Other days will be more like a London afternoon at tea time. Regardless, there is always something to create.
  3. Ask why. I was giving this piece of advice during my midterm evaluation. I was slightly surprised, because my mother would say I ask why too often. I realized transitions often take time to adjust to a new place and new people. Personally, I needed a few weeks to get a sense of the structure, personalities, and work before I could really feel like myself. As I was reminded to ask why during my evaluation, that felt like an invitation to be myself.
  4. Writing is like a muscle, use it or lose it. I began the first few weeks of my internship in a pretty good pattern of getting my blog posts done each week. While the first couple of weeks were difficult, by week four I was in a routine, and I actually enjoyed it. As client work began to take precedence before Thanksgiving, the blog posts began to take a back seat. As I worked on them less, I noticed myself struggling in the same way I was in the beginning of the semester. The more I practiced the better I became.

By creating a time and place for reflecting on experiences and transitions, I’ve been able to get the most out of my adventures as an intern, while preparing for the ones yet to come in the “real world.” I am grateful to have had an internship with Bravo, as I have continued to learn and grow as a designer and professional.

Meg Dobinson | Harrisburg


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