On to the Next Chapter

It’s hard to believe that today is my last day at Bravo. It feels as though just as I got into the swing of being a Bravo intern it was time to leave. However, I’m very grateful for both my time here and all of the people at Bravo who helped me to learn the skills I needed in order to be successful.

Coming into this internship, I knew that I was going to be pushed outside my comfort zone. I’m not a communications or PR major after all, and I had never done any work like this in any of my past internships. However, I was excited to be able to learn something new and build upon my existing skill sets, and Bravo allowed me to do just that.

So before I leave, I wanted to share some of the ways in which Bravo has added to my sum total:

  1. Technical Skills – When I was asked to help with a client’s social media calendar during my first week at Bravo I may have panicked a little. I had never seen a social media calendar before, and I sure didn’t know how to help with one. However, with some help and great feedback, I soon graduated from simply helping with the social media calendar to drafting it. And my new skills don’t end with social media calendars; every time a new project came up, everyone at Bravo made sure that I was prepared to take on the task.
  2. Organizational Skills – Working at Bravo really is non-stop. Combined with a full school schedule, the hours really can be a lot to handle. However, working at Bravo really taught me how to handle my time and stay organized in times of stress in order to get everything done.
  3. Trusting My Skills – I feel like every intern comes in thinking that they’re not qualified to do their job, and I was no different. However, although sometimes I had to draft things a couple times before I got it right, I feel like I was fully capable of finishing all the work that was thrown at me. After venturing out of my comfort zone with Bravo and being successful, I definitely have more faith in my own abilities, and a confidence that I can take with me in my next job.

So thanks Bravo for a wonderful experience! I’m sure everything I learned here will help me in my next chapter!

Catharine Gaylord || Wayne Office


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